Updated release of Font Catalogue.


I finally have a version to release. With some trial and error and thanks to tomaxxi running the script updates until I could workout where the error was occurring I’m happy to release this version.

I’d also like to thank Kasyan and Jongware for their help with the international character implementation.

So here is the new version of Font Catalogue.

I also decided to add a progress bar that will tell you how many fonts you have before the script is complete.

I look forward to any comments or suggestions.

8 Responses to “Updated release of Font Catalogue.”

  1. dandu1 Says:

    I wish add CZECH characters to the script Font Catalogue. This is specific characters for Czech republic. Thank you

  2. admin Says:

    No problem dandu1 I will look at adding czech characters and get you to try it out.

  3. Alfonso de Tomás Says:

    It’s posible to change the text sentence in any form?.
    In spanish we use another phrase with other characters and punctuation.

    “Jovencillo emponzoñado de whisky, ¡qué figurota exhibe!” (for example)

  4. admin Says:

    Hi Alfonso, I could add another feature in the next version that would allow you to enter any text you wish as the display sentence. I tried to get Google to translate “Jovencillo emponzoñado de whisky, ¡qué figurota exhibe!” but it did not make any scene to me.

  5. Alfonso de Tomás Says:

    The phrase is virtually meaningless (the phrase is about a drunk guy), was used on old mac computers to display all the letters of the spanish alphabet. There are many other phrases that can be used: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pangrama


  6. admin Says:

    No Problem Alfonso. I will start working on a dialog window that will allow you to enter a phrase or if you wish just leave it blank and the default will be used. I’m just in the middle of doing some animation work which should be done in a week or so. A soon as it’s done I’ll post a copy for you to try. Thanks for the feedback.

  7. Ivan - VettorialiGratis.it Says:

    I agree with what said Alfonso.
    I’ve been to even suggest that this function would be very effective. A very very cool stuff.
    I’ll be wait impatiently for this release.
    Thank’s a lot, Ivan.

  8. admin Says:

    Thanks Ivan,

    It looks like I should be able to spend some time on it this week.Will try and post some trials this week.

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