Adding international character sets to font catalogue.


I had a request to add Russian characters to the script. At this stage I’ve only added Russian and Greek if anyone has others they’d like to see please feel free to add your request to the comments. I’m going to do a little more testing and post a trial of the script in a few days. I’ve also added a line that displays the path of the font. This will help you to find what name it has been given.

For example you might like the look of Antique Olive LT Bold if you were looking for the file in your fonts folder you may not find it because it’s name is LTe50355.PFB. So looking at the path name under the font name in the catalogue you will know which file to select.

Fonts in Russian and Greek:

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  1. Viviana Hals Says:

    Good information.Helpful thx. ErayOrhan

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