Is there a quick way to create a marquee in photoshop from indesign?


I’ve recently been working on a JavaScript for InDesign that will allow the user to select an image and then by running the script create a selection/marquee window of the visible portion in PhotoShop. So far I’ve been able to allow for scaling and rotation. I’m currently looking at how to detect that an image has been flipped. Even with just the scale and rotation option it works really well.

Open your scripts panel and run the script on the selected image.
(Note: Although I have used the Direct Selection Tool to show the image is size for the script to work used the Selection Tool instead.)

The image will open in PhotoShop and scaled to the correct size and with a marquee window of the visible image area in InDesign.

Use the crop option to reduce the size of the image area and save the file as a different file name if you wish.

Go back to InDesign and update the links.

I’m just running a few more test files and I’ll post it for people to try it.

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  1. Di Says:

    Will this script work on CS4?

  2. admin Says:

    I’ve done some tests and it seems to be ok on CS4 and CS3. Once I post the script you can give it a got and let me know if you have any problems.

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