Adding a dynamic flash banner to your wordpress blog.


If you want to use a dynamic banner in your blog follow the steps below.  A friend of mine has a photography site and he wanted to be able to just upload some images and have the banner scroll through them. If you want to take a quick look check out the site.


Ok so you want to add a similar banner to your site here is what you need to do.

Download the files that create the flash banner from here.


Place the unzipped files within your wordpress folder for example \wordpress\banner\.

Edit the slideshow.xml by adding filenames or removing them.

Go to and download the Kimili Flash Embed plugin.


Once you have installed the plug in, add the path to the banner.swf file and also add the height and width of the banner. You will need to add a simple line of code to the header.php file in the theme you are currently using.

<?php endif; ?>
/* code goes here */
<nav id="access" role="navigation">


Save the changes and your done.

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